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Sunday Diary Scan: The Gastronaut

Evening everybody! It's Sunday, which means it's time for the second Sunday Diary Scan!

If there were one word that'd sum up last week, that word would be "gastro". No, not as in the wonderful pursuit of food; your humble writer was atually off sick for three days of the last working week (for you foreign readers, "gastro" is a typically Aussie abbreviation of "gastrointeritis"). Dutiful employee that I am (not to mention trying to maintain my rep for being The Guy Who Doesn't Come Down With All The Crap Everyone Else Gets), I tried going to work on the mornings of Monday and Tuesday, but went home shortly afterward on both days. Wednesday I just decided to put my feet up and wait the bastard out. I had a few twinges in the gut on Thursday and Friday, but overall I was good.

Unfortunately, Vickie came down with a dose of it too; see, they tell you to not pass it around to everyone at work, but what about the one you love at home? Said person could kill me for giving her my bug, and then where would my employer be, I ask you? Where?

Still, I was able to run Ziggy to the vet's for his surgery and dental work on Tuesday and pick him up in the afternoon. His right ear is nicely deflated and riddled with stitches, but as predicted, it's gone as floppy as his left. The anaesthetic knocked him about, of course, so he was very wonky while I was home.

One thing that suffered while I was ill was my word count. I had a nice run of eight days on my Don't Break The Chain calendar, but aside from a spurt on Tuesday I didn't write a thing until the weekend. I'm catching back up, with a two-day streak on the board as of this writing.

Being couch bound allowed Vickie and I to catch up on some movies we'd been meaning to see via our T-Box and the still-largely-unspent $300 BigPond Movies voucher we got for signing up to a Homeline bundle. My brief opinions:

Cloverfield: I'm no huge fan of the Kaiju movies this was riffing on, but for everything that was going on, there really didn't seem to be much going on.

Sky High: More than worth it for Kurt Russell playing a clueless super-Dad in that awesome suit, Bruce Campbell as a high school coach and Lynda Carter as the principal, but everyone involved looked as though they were having fun, so I did too.

The Town: Aptly named. The characters seemed like facets of the New Jersey suburb they inhabited. Ben Affleck can keep directing movies; I'll keep watching them.

We both got out of the house yesterday to shop, and I got the chance to have a fiddle with some e-readers in at Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi. Some interviewees on the writing podcasts I listen to have been extolling the virtues of e-books, and as I'm in the process of writing a book I'm curious about the electronic experience.

I don't know whether the units I was looking at were low end, but I came away pretty unimpressed with them, especially the ones whose LCD screen blinks from black-on-white to white-on-black when you change pages. I was wanting to claw my eyes out in seconds. The one iPad I could get my hands on didn't have iBooks installed so I couldn't see how well that worked, but I have the feeling that if I want to get a decent e-reader, I'll save my pennies and splurge on an iPad.

Still, I know folks who swear by the Kindle. O Kindle Users: What makes the Amazon offering worthwhile?

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We are happy with our Kobo. It has a higher black ratio in the display so you don't experience glare. It resembles the dullish background of older books and it doesn't have back-lighting so you don't get fatigue. Most ebooks limit you to 50 minutes of reading before you need a break, but Simone took it on her flight to Europe and had no problems at all and she's as big a book-worm as me. It'is a simple pad, with no touch screen. If you still want the experience of holding a 'book' in two hands, you can buy a cover for it that opens like a book. Simone commented that the cover even has a spot for your book mark. LOL

I got an iPad...
I love it.
It's my first iThing, and to be honest, will probably be my last...
iBooks is alright. I have iBooks set up so that the background is sepia, rather than White, and it's a lot easier on the eyes.
It has a built-in dictionary, so if you don't know a word, you can look it up by touching it.
Well... It's usually more like, touching the word, getting a word 3 lines below, dragging cursor up to word, having it automatically highlight e drugging on e page, touching blank space, caaaarefully tapping page just above word touching the select button, then looking it up.
... But maybe that's just me.
You can also annote pages too.
IBooks will also save .PDF files too, so i keep my knitting patterns in there too.
Battery life is a bit crap compared to the kindle... I get maybe 16 hours on it before it needs a recharge... I'm using it for games and internet and email though, I have noticed that the battery life is a lot betteer when you turn off WIFI and 3G functions.
Oh. I have to slow myself down when I type too. Or it misses letters. I would say it has problems at anything over 50wpm.
And e autocorrect thing is annoying.
HA!! SEE typed 'the' too fast in that sentence.
OH and it doesn't do Flash. So about a quarter of the Internet is inaccessible.
I do like the fact that you can read iBooks in landscape with 2 pages side-by-side.
I'm starting to poke normal books, and particularly magazines now if I'm not paying attention.
Umm... Not much of a coherent review.
Choice did an article comparing all the optioins last year... Sister showed it to me when i was staying with them in Dec. Might be worth looking into.

Glad you're feeling better!

I have a Sony ereader myself and while I haven't used it all that much since I got it back in Nov (oops) I do like it! It's easy enough to use (supports pdf files and word docs) and seems pretty easy on the eyes. It's also from Borders like the Kobo and mine's a touch though I believe you can get non-touch too.

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