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Sunday Diary Scan: Soccer, Surgery & Sausage Rolls

Welcome to the third Sunday Diary Scan. This week has been fairly quiet, and I managed to rack myself up a seven day chain on my thousand-wards-per-day calendar before breaking it on Saturday. More on that in a sec.

The indoor soccer season officially started for my team, Un-United, with the receipt of our match schedule for the rest of the season on Tuesday. We also played our final pre-season match, but although we were able to field a full team, our opposition wound up three players short - so they had substitutes from a team at least one grade above us. We notched up two goals by the end of the match, while our opponents left the field with something like fourteen goals on the board.

I'm getting back into reviewing books for work; I finished off Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches early in the week - I'll let you know as soon as the review goes live and/or appears in print, but I will say here that I'm hanging on to my copy - and am getting stuck into Alex Berenson's The Secret Soldier.

Saturday was pretty busy. We started with a run into the vet surgery for Ziggy's post-ear-op checkup. The stitches are holding well, and I need to schedule an appointment to get them removed in the week after this coming one (or current one, if you start your weeks on Sundays). I also have to make sure to tell the vet how poor Ziggy actually died for a few minutes on the night we got him back from surgery - Vickie wound up performing chest compressions just to get the little blighter to start breathing again! He's been fine since, thankfully; my best guess is a reaction to the general anaesthetic they had him under.

Then in the afternoon we headed out to Kewarra Beach for a mate's baby shower. Most of it was sitting around, chatting and grazing on finger food - lots and lots and lots of finger food. We were so gorged that we had to send our apologies to another mate who was having a party that evening - we didn't even bother with dinner after we got home! The rest of the evening was pretty quiet; we watched the ever-increasingly-awesome Richard Armitage in the BBC thriller, Strike Back, and followed it up with renting The Girl Who Played With Fire on the T-Box via BigPond Movies. Both very intense pieces of work!

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