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May 01, 2002

Dream Pod 9 Stuff

Evening all, and a happy May Day to you! I don't believe I know any Maypole dancers, but if you happen to be one, I hope you didn't get yourself tied up in all that ribbon today! Nothing much new to report today, except that I'm working on a review of SimGolf for the site. Cameron was wondering why I bought it (he didn't seem impressed), and I hope to be able to explain why it's such a fun game. On the Heavy Gear front: Dream Pod 9 has released the next colony book, Life on Utopia: The Waste World. As per all Dream Pod 9 product, this one looks very tasty. One thing I'd like to know from you prospective players out there is whether you've given any thought to characters, and if so, what your ideas so far are. I've had a fun idea back from one of you, but I'd like to hear some more. No specific backgrounds required at this stage; general, hazy, ill-defined concepts are fine. And on the general subject of Dream Pod 9, they've released some more info on their next prospective game line: CORE Command. It's science fiction, like Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles, but unlike those two, they've eschewed a hard-SF setting in favour of Star Wars/anime-esque space opera. CORE Command is still in the early development stages, and Marc Vezina, the genius behind the game that started this whole Dream Pod 9 thing off, Jovian Chronicles, is posting developer diaries about how they're re-vamping the Silhouette system to meet CORE Command's unique requirements. Definitely worth looking at - despite having games au-go-go already, my gamer genes are beginning to kick in...