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December 29, 2005

Serenity Movie Marathon Tomorrow Night!

Greater Union and Birch Carrol & Coyle have announced movie marathons in NSW and Queensland, only this Friday night, December 30th. The good news is, Marathon 2 features King Kong, Four Brothers and Serenity!

You can find more info here. If you missed your chance to see it during its run, don't miss this one - even if you'll probably be waiting until four AM Saturday to actually watch it. And if you're a Browncoat, you owe it to yourself to go see it again!

December 28, 2005

RIP Vincent Schiavelli

This might seem small potatoes in the wake of the death of media mogul Kerry Packer, but I just spotted an article in the Sydney Morning Herald's website on the sudden death of actor Vincent Schiavelli on Boxing Day.

Now, you probably won't know who I'm talking about. Vincent was one of those guys who's Always Been Around, usually playing the creeps, kooks and weirdos. Let's see: The ghost on the subway in Ghost who misses cigarettes. John O'Connor, one of the evil Red Lektroids in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. Dr. Kaufman, the comical, cultured torturer in Tomorrow Never Dies. What I didn't know was that he'd also directed stage plays in Italy (which wasn't too surprising) and written three cook books (which was).

Rest in peace, Vincent. You will most definitely be missed.

December 27, 2005

Commence The Splurge!

UPDATE: Due to a local dispute over appropriate use of irony, the spelling in the post title has been corrected. Future use of "teh" will be reserved for use in conjunction with "l33tspeak" or other Internet-related irony. We now return you to our regular posting.

Well, now that Christmas and Boxing Days are out of the way, I reckon it's time to get materialistic. Dad sent me some money in the mail to spend on something I'd like. So, the first of the post-Xmas splurging has commenced:

  • I've put an order in at Amazon.com for Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles - The Complete Campaigns. It looks like the only way I'll actually be able to see the whole damn series, as I don't think Columbia Tristar is going to release the last three Roughnecks DVDs (whether separately or as part of The Complete Campaigns) in Australia. On the same order, I've included the Starship Troopers movie soundtrack. Say what you will about the film, the music was damned good.
  • Speaking of Starship Troopers, I discovered that Reaper Miniatures do a line of paints that sells for $1 per pot less than Citadel's, so I've ordered some from Military Simulations. Although I'm paying $5.50 on top for postage, I reckon I still come out ahead once I factor in what I'd be spending on fuel for a trip to Smithfield and back (plus what fuel I'd burn to run the air-con). It also looks as though there's a general hobby shop in Cairns proper where I can most likely get some brushes and modelling scalpels. So I'll finally be able to get those MI and Bugs painted...

As I said, that's the first of the splurge. What about the rest of it?

  • Just recently our clothes dryer kicked the bucket; it was positively riddled with lint. Also, the subwoofer's dropped out again. It was a little flaky a few days ago, but a good slap managed to get it working again - until yesterday. It's apparent that there's some sort of dodgy connection in there, but as the subwoofer box has an Electrical Hazard - Do Not Open warning on it, I think I'll leave fixing it to a professional. So I'll likely be spending some money on a replacement dryer and a speaker repairman.
  • If we have any cash left over, though, I'm still ogling that CoolerMaster Ammo 533 PC case. Vickie and I are also contemplating a digital set top box. We recently got around to replacing our old aerial, and while the antenna guy was here, he demonstrated The Power Of Digital to Vickie (quit sniggering). Not only would we get solid signal on all channels, something that even a brand new antenna can't guarantee in our area, but each of them would be crystal clear. Vickie said that it was like having 3D TV. The good bit is, thanks to a deal through my employer, we can get electrical goods from Hardly Normal's at cost price, which means a set top box and a new dryer should actually be within our price range.

December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas 2005, Everyone!

I think this will probably be too late for some, what with the traditional large lunch and / or consumption of gross qauntities of alcoholic beverage (considered traditional for the period) performing their usual separate and / or combined inducement of somnolence. It may even be (gasp!) early for those others in timezone-deprived locations.

Nonetheless, I wish you all a Merry (which I've been told actually meant "blessed" in the old tongue) Christmas. I hope your Day is as minimally drama-filled as possible (we've had our share of friction around the dinner table today, let me tell you), and the same goes for the rest of the holiday, whether (like me) you're just taking the public holidays off work, you're using some annual leave or even if you must (double gasp!) work today.

As it's nine PM and the free-to-air channels have their usual selection of dead-ratings-period carp, I'm off to watch a film that was gifted to me on DVD. I believe it captures the spirit of the season with unique verve, warm-hearted wit and family oriented charm. That's right: I'm going to watch War of the Worlds.

(Don't worry: I got Vickie the Harry Potter films.)

December 23, 2005

Cleaner and Quieter

The technically minded of you will be glad to know, I'm sure, that Vickie's 120mm fan grill was installed on her PC's side panel with no hitches (the operation was performed with her PC running). You may also be interested to discover, as I was, that it also seems to act as a muffler - her fan, running at full speed, makes roughly 1/3 of the noise it previously did.

December 22, 2005

Taking Another Tilt At The Windmill

A few years ago now, I made an attempt at explaining what a roleplaying game is, with an intended audience of Someone Who's Never Played One. I've fiddled with it now and again since, but in the last couple of months I thought I'd try rewriting the whole damned thing.

One of my ideals is to avoid simile and comparison as much as possible, especially the overused "Let's Pretend with rules" or "ancient tradition of sharing stories around the campfire" schticks.

The revised article is still a work in progress, but I think it's at the stage where some more attention would do it good (I'm a little worried that I'm getting a bit too wordy). Please, have a look and tell me what you think. Please feel free to comment here or in the discussion tab of the article (you'll need a login, though).

December 21, 2005

More Case Options

I put in that order for the fan grille for Vickie's PC and a tube of decent thermal paste for the next time I have to clean the CPU heat sink with PC Case Gear. With any luck, it'll be delivered to our place on Friday. (Probably not, but I'm still hoping.)

While I was on their web site, I'd noticed they'd updated their specials. That GMC case I had my eye on was gone, but they'd replaced it and one of the other two special items with a pair of new cases, both of them intriguing - a 3R Systems Air case going for $80, and an A-Top Gladiator on sale for $90.

Now, I have to admit, the Galdiator did tickle the silly-bone in me, but I figured it'd look like I had a few too many tickets on myself, as Vickie likes to say. Besides, I liked the multi-function display on the front of the Air - it'd be handy for figuring whether a water-cooling system would be a worthwhile investment.

But, gentle reader, this morning I purchased the latest issue of Atomic, and what is in the venerable (five years old this month!) magazine's reviews section? I'll tell you what: The CoolerMaster Ammo 533. It looks like the ideal compromise between the minimalist-yet-cool design of the Air and the utter LAN-wankery of the Gladiator. And you can pick it up for $100, if you're lucky. It has no power supply, but I care not as I already have a sufficient PSU.

For those of you wondering why I'm looking at cool cases when I've never been much of a LAN head, well Vickie's grandson Rhys mentioned that he and some friends get together every now and again to play Winter Assault. And if I can wangle my way in, I'd like to attend ready to impress. I mean, it does look rather Imperial Guard-y, doesn't it? All I'd need to do would be spraypaint the Imperial Eagle and a "63" on it.

Then all I'd need would be a cheap, portable 17" monitor...

December 17, 2005

RIP John Spencer

I just found an article on BBC news about the sudden death by heart attack of actor John Spencer, four days short of his birthday on December 20th.

I've been aware of John for quite some time, usually for playing hard-asses - heck, he even had a part in the computer game, Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. It's why I was so glad to see him get such a broad, nuanced, at times downright hilarious role as Secretary of State Leo McGarry on The West Wing.

Yes, that John Spencer.

Rest in peace, John. We'll miss you.

December 16, 2005

Helping Hand

I'm having some trouble at the momkent with getting commenter verification via TypeKey up and running. Not having it won't make any real difference to the blog, but it's one of those things - when everything else works, the one thing that won't really bugs you.

I've received some helpful advice from another Movable Type user - although most of the fixes he's suggested have already been implemented in the latest version of Movable Type, he's helped narrow the problem down.

I've asked Marcus for his opinion. In the meantime, a public thank you very much, Meathe, for your help!

I'm REALLY Going To Have To Start Working Out.

A couple of months ago, I discovered that Aquarius Video, a few kays up the road in Edmonton, has a pretty damned decent stocks of science fiction tapes and DVDs, including TV series (yes, even Firefly). Recently I've started hiring the DVDs for the first season of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. It's one of those shows that previously I've not paid much mind to, for two reasons: 1) the general buzz seemed fairly dismissive, along the lines of boobs-and-beefcake SF, and 2) it starred Kevin Sorbo.

In all fairness to points 1) and 2) above, there was really a third point: I didn't know any video store that stocked the DVDs. I mean, I really don't have anything against Kevin Sorbo, especially as he's gone from a mediocre actor (singlehandedly putting me off Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) to a pretty good actor (see guest spots in Dharma & Greg). I just wasn't really willing to splash out on a series boxed set (or even the individual DVDs) without trying it first.

The discovery that Aquarius has what looks like most of the series on DVD and the fact that Andromeda wound up its fifth season this year made me curious - after all, any non-Trek SF show that does more than two seasons has to have something going for it. So I started renting the DVDs.

Vickie and I discovered two things:

One, while Andromeda isn't the good, meaty SF TV we've been treated to over the past few years, like Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica, we discovered that it is very good at being what it is: an SF action-adventure show that puts fun ahead of deep issues or angst. We don't often see action-adventure shows nowadays, especially not "genre" shows; I think the closest I've seen lately has been Numb3rs (and even that has its share of angst).

I mean, it's boobs-and-beefcake - well, more beefcake than bookbs - not to mention forehead-of-the-week, but it's not ashamed of it - it doesn't let it get in the way of having TV fun, and also tries to put a message in as well. And, yes, Kevin Sorbo leads the show very well!

And two, we discovered - or should I say, Vickie discovered - Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi.

Now, I could spend a few words explaining, but instead let me just show you this:

Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi

You know what I said about boobs-and-beefcake? This guy is the thinking woman's beefcake. I tell you, whenever he's bare to the midriff and Vickie's out of the room, I pause the DVD and say, "Dar-ling! Tyr's got his shirt off again!"

Tyr Shirtless

Vickie herself said to me, "Love, you know I don't really look at other men; even the good looking ones I'll check out once. But I'd look at him all day, he's gorgeous!"

And, I mean, just look at those pictures again - or hell, even watch an episode of the show with Tyr in the spotlight (he's such a calculating badass that he makes Jayne look like a schoolyard bully). How can you argue?

I'm starting to seriously look at all that gym gear that Vickie's son Karl left in the garage...

December 15, 2005

alienscp = imagines_au

I discovered last night that for some unknown reason, my "alienscp" Yahoo! ID has been deactivated. I've created a new ID, "imagines_au", and have re-signed up to IMAGinewS under it (thankfully, I promoted Vickie to list moderator not long after we moved in together, or else we'd all be stuffed). Also, if you Yahoo! Messenger users get a contact list request from "imagines_au", yes, it's me.

What's frustrating is that I don't know for sure why the account was deactivated. I have the feeling, though, that it might be to do with the Aliens-Cyberpunk 2020 conversion I used to have as my alienscp site (hence the choice of user-ID).

Tycho over on Penny Arcade recently made mention of the term, "foxed", being the a copyright holder's action to halt production and/or distribution of a video-game mod based on the holder's intellectual property. Not so coincidentally, he makes reference to Aliens mods, and I have the feeling that the deactivation of my alienscp ID may be related. Although I'd moved the conversion from the Yahoo! space to my 10MB web space on Bigpond, the alienscp site still had a forwarding page, including an image taken form the title sequence of the movie. (And let's face it, the conversion was something of an infringement anyway.)

Unfortunately, right now I don't know one way or the other. Fox, Yahoo! or both could have been sending cease-and-desist e-mails to the alienscp ID for the past month; I simply haven't checked the alienscp inbox in at least that long. If they start sending me e-mails at my main address, I think I'll have a pretty good idea whether the scenario outlined above was the case.

Heck, I might play it safe and take the conversion down anyway.

UPDATE 17 December 05: The conversion has now been pulled. I've put a placeholder up in its stead.

December 14, 2005

Short Biography

Originally posted on November 2, 2003

Some facts:

  • Name: Rob Farquhar

  • 182cm (5'11") tall, medium build, dark brown eyes, black hair.

  • Born in the United Kingdom on July 11 - that's right, I'm a Cancer.

  • Moved to Australia in 1988.

  • Lived in Sydney until 2005.

  • Residing in Queensland's Far North with my wonderful wife.

  • Working full-time as an administrator for the advertising sales team of a News Corp. newspaper.

And just for you geeks out there:

Version: 3.1
GL/IT d+@ s+: a- C++ W++ N w+ PS+ PGP- t+@ 
5++ X-(+) R++ tv b+++ DI+ D+ e h r++ y+

And For My Next Trick...

With thanks to the keen browsing skills of Lauren: The same website that brought you the crazy fold brings you - the amazing glass table trick...

Time to Get Busy with the Saw...

With thanks to RPGnet and the PARANOIA web log - The Ultimate Gaming Table.

Tags for Ten Most Recent Comments (Commenter and Title Only)

UPDATE 11 Jul 2006: I just discovered some better code that actually gives me what I'm after. The code below does not reflect the current setup of my site.

Because I couldn't find it anywhere else, here's the code I put together for the Recent Comments list you now see in the Log column on the left:

<MTEntries recently_commented_on="10">
<MTComments lastn="1">

<li class="module-list-item">
<a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>#comment-<$MTCommentID$>"><$MTCommentAuthor$></a> on <a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTEntryTitle$></a>


This sort of links list is showing up in TypePad-driven web logs all over the place, but for whatever reason, no-one seems to have the code available so that MT users can incorporate one into their blogs.

I'd also like to find some easy way of converting HTML tags into ∧lt;-type text without lots of copying, pasting and cursing.

Curse You, iTunes!

So I find out via SciFi.com Weekly's letters page that Apple has partnered with several US TV networks in order to allow you to download episodes of TV to your PC via Apple's iTunes service.

The good news is, one of the networks is NBC Universal, the company that owns the SciFi Channel - as a result, the second season of Battlestar Galactica is one of the shows available for download for US$1.99 per episode.

The bad news is, the only customers that Apple allows to download the shows are customers with an American billing address.

So close, yet so far away...

December 13, 2005

This'll Halve My Tidying Time!

From the nation that brought you origami comes an insane, reality-warping method that'll give you tidy t-shirts in the blink of an eye!

Witness - The Crazy Fold...

Hayama, is this something the Japanese have been sitting on for years? You know, laughing at us stupid gaijin and our untidy drawers?

(With thanks to Vickie and the folks at Callahan's Saloon.)

News and Info

Vickie and I were having a chat last night - well, it wasn't a chat, exactly; Vickie was on her soapbox and I was sitting back and listening. The topic was immigration and assimilation, due to the current race tensions and resulting violence in Southern Sydney (EvilHayama's been close to some of it lately).

Vickie pointed out that most of what I was doing was listening and nodding - I wasn't really contributing to the conversation. In fact, I almost always sit back and listen whenever Vickie's on the soapbox. (She really needs a bigger audience, as I've said several times in relation to her using her own web log a bit more often.) I said that I really didn't have anything worth contributing; I tend to avoid keeping up with the news (when I do so, I usually feel like not keeping up with the news afterward) and I don't know enough about history, recent or not-so-recent, to place current events in any sort of context.

I think it's a combination of depression and futility (maybe one's really the other). While I accept that one person both is not and is a force for change (I'll explain that if you want), I still feel as though there's nothing that I personally can do about the gradual erosion of the individual's control over their own life occuring in this country - at least, not without chucking my current job in and either joining a political party, the police or maybe even the armed forces, and beyond the drawbacks of each individual career path I value Vickie and keeping her safe too much to go in for something that volatile and potentially damaging to my own health.

As an aside, Vickie once suggested I go in for volunteer firefighter training; the local station was on a recruitment drive. I told her that I wouldn't because, if for no other reason, I don't want her to have to go back to work in order to support herself until she dies because something happened to me due to the fact that I was running toward a fire instead of away from it. (Heck, half the time I worry about driving to or from work.)

But maybe there is something I can do, in some small way, by simply staying informed and educated. Even if nothing else, it would allow meaningful dialogue with other people, putting ideas about what's going on and what might be done out for peer-review.

Which in the end adds up to one thing: I need to start swatting up.

Now, I tend to use my own website as a Frequently Accessed Links repository, not only to show visitors my tastes and preferences, but also so that I have those links available on my startup page. therefore, I've added a couple mroe sections on the Links bar to the right of the main page, and changed the name of an existing one. "Places on the Web" is now "Fun" (works in well with "Friends" and "Fora", I think), and it's joined by "News", which contains a few news sites I intend to visit more often, and "Info", a section which I hope will be handy to start putting some research-based facts around what I'm reading in the press.

And, yes, I know Wikipedia's not the most reliable source for fact out there, but at the very least I think it makes a pretty good gague of what people really think about a subject, even if the info on the subject mightn't be one hundred percent reliable.

So, don't be too surprised if you see the odd current-affairs-based opinion piece popping up on here from time to time!

December 10, 2005

Case Options

Well, while having a break from getting ready for tonight's Pre-Christmas Bash '05, I had a browse of PC Case Gear. I'm planning to put an order in for that 12cm fan grille after my next pay, but a couple of other things have caught my eye.

  • You know how I was writing about geting a new case for myself next year? Well, I'm rather liking the look of this one: a GMC H-60. It looks pretty good, it has side-mounted USB ports and existing front and rear cooling fans (not to mention a fairly spiffy aperture for the front fan). The only problem is the aperture ont he left hand side for pulling air onto the CPU fan; the left side of my PC is up against the inside left hand side of my desk. Of course, I could cut some more holes into my desk...
  • I was also thinking about getting this Thermoelectric Cooler as an alternative to a water-cooling kit. However, word-of-mouth on the Atomic forums is pretty negative on this beast, so I think I'll save my beans for either a Gigabyte Galaxy or the slightly cheaper (and more funky-looking) Thermaltake BigWater SE.

So, not including shipping, I'd be able to buy the case for barely just under $60. And I'll get a couple of tubes of some decent thermal paste too.

December 09, 2005

The Christmas Present For The Drinker Who Has Everything

So, Rog: Expect one of these in the mail, okay?

(You and Claire have a big enough backyard, right?)

Full credit to Vickie for finding this.

(Oh, click on "Projects" and scroll to the bottom page. As you can see, this mob have all a drinker's needs covered - they've even got the place to go after a hard night!)

December 07, 2005

Shock Scandal: Polite Theory Discussion on RPGnet!

Not so long ago, one of the 20' by 20' Room's contributors posted a link to a thread on RPGnet started by someone trying to nut out some RPG theory - a feat made more noteworthy in that the profile of the average RPGnet poster includes an allergy to theory (pr perhaps, in all fairness, High Jargon Theory).

Now, someone has asked for an explanation of the Big Model, a theoretical construct proposed, discussed and refined on the Forge that attempts to analyse long-term roleplay in order to identify what people, as individuals and groups, find fun, and what methods encourage and support that fun.

And so far, aside from the odd "hey, don't be a jerk" post (mostly responded to with "I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just don't get this"), it's gone for around one hundred posts without degenrating into a flame war - in other words, we've had around a hundred posts of people honestly grappling with concepts, discussing what they do and/or don't get and how they find the Big model may aply/may not apply to them and/or how they game.

Once again, this is noteworthy because the profile of the average RPGnet poster includes an allergy to the Forge (pr perhaps, in all fairness, the High Jargon Theory that gets bounced around a lot there). I have seen RPGnet forum threads degenerate into flames with much less fodder and in far fewer posts.

That's what I call fucking impressive.

December 04, 2005

They Only Lack The Light To Show The Way....

You know, it's odd; I've not really ever been a big fan of Superman. Never read more than one or two direct-edition comics, bought a couple of the graphic novels. Saw all the Christopher Reeve movies, but haven't been watching Smallville much. Watched with ambivalence as the tiller of the New Movie bounced from Tim Burton to Brett Rattner, and as the Hot Script What Them Internet Kiddies Love award bounced from Burton to Kevin Smith (although, much as I love Nicolas Cage, I was glad that the idea of him in the lead role was ditched).

But... I saw the teaser trailer for Superman Returns and I felt a sense of wonder and anticipation that I haven't felt in a little while.

Maybe it's just that wonderful music by John Williams - and it didn't even have to use the main theme, just that grand piece written for the planet Krypton. Maybe it was hearing Marlon Brando in the part of Jor-El once again. Maybe it was a little nostalgia, given the recent passing of Chris Reeve.

And of course, tonight was That Episode of Smallville, where Tom Welling's Clark Kent meets eccentric billionaire scientist, Virgil Swann, played by the late Christopher Reeve himself. There again were John Wiliams' themes, the sense that although the confused teen is still with us, the man in the red cape isn't far away.

Nonetheless, somehow it just feels right to have a Superman movie come out now, especially one that shows such affection for its cinematic predecessor.

And for a character I've never been much interested in - I'm really looking forward to experiencing a new tale of the Man of Steel. I find it heartening that even in a day when companies and governments are seen to act against the best interests of the people they serve, we can imagine a character who uses great power unstintingly in the service of all of us. It's even more heartening that even today, we don't want to see that character brought low, made cynical, become a cautionary tale against what evil man would do when granted power.

I could use a little light every now and again.

Tweakin', Tweakin', Tweakin'...

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting this web log looking more the way I want it to look. I still have a fair bit to go:

  • I want to widen the main page so that the post text doesn't look so crammed in.
  • I want to sort out the headers of the Archives and Individual Pages so that the IMAGinES graphic appears everywhere, as well as make sure the heading lines up properly (which it doesn't right now).

But by and large, I like what I have so far! It's still a bit on the generic side, but I'm pretty happy regardless!

In case you've not already seen the Powered By: box at the bottom left, I'd like to direct any and all Movable Type users to two web sites:

UPDATE: Okay, I've fixed the main page size issue, but now all the archives look dodgy, and I'm not sure how to correct them. Time to hit the Movable Type support forum - as soon as I remember my password...

December 03, 2005

A Wide Variety of Options

So far, I must say that I'm highly, highly impressed with Movable Type 3.2. It's leaps and bounds ahead of MT2.661 in terms of basic functions, and it gives a lot more control over what content goes on the website. Finally! A complete, searchable list of comments! Bloody marvellous!

I'm currently uploading the files to Vickie's installation. I think she will be very pleased with it.

By the way, did you folks know that Six Apart, the company that created and owns Movable Type, now actually owns LiveJournal as well? I didn't until today, but it's true. I'm hoping this means interoperability between LJ and my TypeKey ID sometime down the track.

Upgrade Complete!

Well, aside from a few easily-corrected snags, upgrading to MT3.2 went very smoothly. Unfortunatley the new look is nowhere near as complete as I'd like, so for the time being I'm going with MT3.2's default templates.

But I have TrackBacks again! Ain't that great? :-D

December 02, 2005

It Let Me In! It Let Me In!

Clinton Nixon has applied a recent round of fixes to his FindPlay gamer-finder application, and now it's finally letting us Aussies - even ones in Cairns - sign up!

I'm in! What about you?

Food, Food and More Food

What's been happening over the past few days? What's happening tonight, and again tomorrow?

Food, that's what.

  • Firstly: David, one of my colleagues, finished his advertising sales traineeship with flying colours today. Of course, big Morning Tea was had, including a platter of lavish rolls (I feel sure that should be lavash rolls, but hey) from Woolies' Deli, plus bread, stuffed peppers, olives and salami from Dave's dad's deli, as well as sausage rolls and spinach and fetta rolls from Brumby's (for those of you down South, Queensland competitor to Baker's Delight). As I'm fond of saying, with a morning tea like that who needs lunch?
  • Next, today is Vickie's son Karl's birthday, so barbecue at our place tonight with yours truly on the tongs. Steak, snags, the works.
  • Thirdly - okay, this one needs a little back story. The admin team of Renee and myself have been busting our humps while some of the sales reps have taken their dseserved annual leave. Although mistakes have been made (on my part mostly), we've done a damned good job; so much so that the firm has sprung for an all-expense-paid lunch for each of us (and our partners where appropriate). So Vickie and I are going to be having a nice, relaxing long lunch at Tides, a waterside bar in Cairns, tomorrow afternoon. Toni, my manager, has assured me that we should not worry about cost. (I think she knows that we don't get that hungry...)
  • And finally, our traditional Pre-Christmas Bash is barely over a week away. On the evening of Saturday, December the 10th, family, friends and colleagues will be charging over to Riverstone Road for some food and fun (booze BYO). Batteries for the camera will be charged and photos WILL be taken.

Somehow, I don't think Vickie or I will need to eat at all until Christmas Day...

I deserve to go to Hell for this.

It's rude, snide and insulting - heck, if I never hook up with any gamers in Cairns, at least I'll know I'm paying my dues.

But I just had to share it with y'all:

    "What kinds of RPGs d'you play here, ma'am?"

    "Oh, we play both kinds: Dungeons and Dragons!"

Never, ever gonna get a game again.

December 01, 2005

The Agent who Came In from the Mystery

Following on from last post's general Ron Edwards theme, here's another Forge posting by the man himself. This time, it's about Jared A. Sorensen (if you don't know the name, you're either an IMAGinES newcomer or you just ain't been reading) and his roleplaying game, Lacuna Part I: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City.

A while ago, I posted a link to a playtest transcript of the game. Ron's post blows the doors off that: it details what was originally meant to be a pickup game that turned into a minor campaign in its own right, all the way down to what happened to the characters in the end. If this doesn't convince you to shell some of your hard-earned out for a copy of the game, I don't know what will. (Although you might want to hold off until Jared gets his revision finished.)

I'm gonna have to hit the library. Must read some le Carre...