February 25, 2006

So, what, are you a WWE fan or something?

Well, no. Not really. Never made an effort to watch it after my Mum and Dad got cable, didn't get pay-TV after Vickie and I moved in together, not got pay-TV since we moved up here.

... but it's one of those things, I mean, you know, the basic soap-drama, the "OH my GOD!!!", the sheer trash-culture silliness of it all, I dunno, I've always been kind-of, sort-of interested in it.

So, as Simon and Cristel are fans, and they have Austar, and we're heading around their place that time this coming Saturday for gaming anyway...

... you know, why not?

September 30, 2005

Why Don't You Have A LiveJournal?

Well, the simple answer is, "Because I have this web log right here!"

The not-as-simple answer is as follows:

When I was first planning transferring my website from a straight, manually-edited HTML site to a website run by a content management application, I thought about setting one up on or the like. I think LiveJournal was something of a minor player at the time instead of the 300lb. gorilla it is nowadays. Foremost in my mind, though, was having complete control over the site, and hosting it on somebody's server somewhere running somebody else's app just didn't sit well with me.

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March 05, 2004

I like the design of your site, it's very professional!

Thank you very much, but I'm afraid I can only take a small part of the credit for it. The layout was achieved through use of Movable Type's standard HTML templates and the Gettysburg style sheet from the Movable Type web site. The colour scheme, fonts and placement come mainly from the Gettysburg style sheet. I've made some tweaks, including eliminating the posting calendar from the index page, increasing the size of the posting and category headings, adding in the category descriptions and putting the content sidebar in the category and monthly archive pages. That the changes were easy to make - and any problems with them quick to fix - is a testament to the HTML and CSS design of the Movable Type crew, not to mention the versatility of the application itself.

November 24, 2003

So how do you say "IMAGinES" anyway?


November 02, 2003

Why do you captialise "IMAGinES" like that?

Well, it's meant to be a combinaton of "images" and "imagine", but I suppose I outsmarted myself there. Anyway, it is an attention-grabber (at least I hope it is) and it seems people do remember that it's oddly-capitalised, even if they can't remember the capitalisation, so I suppose that's something.

How do you say your last name?

Well, as I'm ure you can understand, I have a last name that's... well, open to interpretation. Most people, on seeing it, use "Far-kwaah". However, my Dad has insisted, ever since I was a little 'un, that the proper Scots pronunciation (it is a Scottish name; the Clan name is Farquharson) is "Farker", like Parker, but with an F instead of a P, so that's the way I use it. Needless to say, it's earned me a few odd stares, not to mention endless ribbing in high school.

When she was over here, though, Jillian insisted that she herself had been to my family's ancestral lands in Scotland, and everyone there pronounced it "Far-kwaah". Which only goes to show.