November 03, 2010

Proof I'm Doing It

UPDATE: If you've just followed The Cairns Post's tweet-link to this page and are wondering just what's going on, my post Why Grow A Mo When You Can Grow A Book? should fill the blanks in.

A couple of people have been asking me whether I they can read what I’ve written for NaNoWriMo so far. There was talk about putting it online, but I’m a little leery of that; any issues of copyright and derivative works aside, this stuff is a first draft – which, as you fellow writers know well, is a very, very rough diamond. I want to get out of the habit of posting first draft stuff for all to see as if it were final work (yes, I still harbour dreams of breaking into the writing game sometime).

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May 31, 2010


Here's a very little something I kinda wrote today...

They built him to kill.
They built him to rule.
They never planned on him falling in love...

April 03, 2010

Six Years In The Making

Okay, more like six months, but these three-thousand-or-so words are the first new SlamDance I've put on the web since, well, 2004 at least. It's changed some since back then; you'll notice a few new names and ideas in this. there's more to come, and I need to knock my rambling background bullet points into some sort of coherent shape, but I just wanted to show this off, for better or worse.

A few of you may have read this already in earlier forms, and it may change again later, but for now, enjoy.

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May 28, 2004

SDvP Part 5: The Climax

There was a strange, blurred, fuzzy sensation, and Slamdance slowly opened his eyes. What? Asleep? I dont remember going to

Something was wrong, very wrong, obviously. All he could see was the odd, pitted gold surface he was lying on. Glowing. Visual malfunction, or is this surface actually luminescent? Strange. And this mist where is it coming from?

This is very strange. I dont remember falling asleep here. The last thing I remember he sucked in a breath. This odd, sharp sensation of worry was new to him. Combat. There was combat. I was fighting and then then I felt a shock, like electricity andnow Im waking up.

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April 17, 2004

If It's Good Enough for Batman and the Aliens...

Here's a half-formed first part of a new episode of the Slamdance series. It's a little bare right now, and the narrative is broken in placces, but I'm going to fill it out as I work on it and the other two or maybe three parts. I think it makes a great first fiction fragment for the site.

And yes, in case you're wondering, this is a double fanfic/crossover. It's just something I wanted to write recently. You should be able to guess who the guest villain of the piece is here.

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